seriously.. this blog already 7 years!?

While just out of the blue, I came back to my long forgotten blog and did a quick housekeeping on it. While going through on the posts, years after years only I found out this blog has the history of 7 years already since the year 2006. Seriously.. 7 years! Time flies.

How come it seems more interesting to see such post now when I was writing where I thought it was quite an ordinary post. I was taking photos of ducklings, geese at riverside, and children at Manchester. And they looked great!

I even blog on the longest day that I managed to stay awake, the Longest 1st January. What a boring post that I wrote at that time! But I found that it was quite interesting now when visual back the bits of my life and experience I used to live.

Since it makes me feel good, I think I should restart my blog again. Mainly for myself achieve purposes.


Yes, just in case you are wondering, I’m much of a “Kampung Boy” (Village Boy)  right now. Couldn’t survive without mosquito coil, really.

IMG_2125 (1)

Sometimes I need to burn 2 or 3 of them together to make sure I’m much protected from the invasion of mosquitos from all directions.

Fumakilla FTW.

Ps: Blogging is a come back I predict when Facebook does not have a decent history tracking functions.


低调 Low Profile

我一向来低调。不是很特别的事情我都都不会和别人分享。有时有特别的想法和意见,也不会特意的去告诉别人,藏在自己的心里。 这不是不愿意和人分享,而是不会特意去告诉别人。这可以这样形容,我很愿意和人分享我的成绩拿了A,但我不会特意打电话给每一个朋友告诉他们我拿了好成绩。





上半辈子都活在别人生活的自己 ,现在开始认识了自己,开始活在自己的生活。




低调的 雨崩村,云南

42天中国背包旅就此结束,回家了。42days backpack in China is officially ended today. I’m going hom e!

On the street. 三道街。

Red culture

Currently at 天全县,on the way to 成都. Traffic jam.. 堵车…

4km above Kuala Lumpur

Imagine 4km above the sky of Kuala Lumpur, that’s the altitude I’m staying tonight. Litang 理塘, 4100m above sea level.